Vivajosephine moves to Wordpress!

Do what makes you happyI made the move, and I think it’s the right one! So far, I’m pretty excited with the switch!

Hello 2014!!! Welcome me with open arms and a big, tight hug!!! Oyeah! As I welcome this year, so as my writing platform. I transferred my blogging site from a free blogging space ( Wallflower of the Jeepney) to WordPress. I really think I should have done this a long time ago but heck, I’m now here and that’s happy!

Why the switch? Change. For the betterment. And since I’ve been writing for another Manila-based popular site called which uses a WP hosting, I got used with it and learned that I could customized better with it.

So what’s it gonna be for Vivajosephine in WordPress?

I don’t know really. More event writeups, maybe? More food articles? Day in the life with Josephine? As random as it gets, the better. But mainly, my site will focus more on food, beauty and lifestyle posts 

Also, I would like to customize more with this site. I would love to make it more personal, more ME. Probably when the day goes, I’ll be able to fix this so I hope we’ll both watch out for that 

Another thing, I would like to share some of my hauls. I LOVE HAULS!!! So maybe you’ll see some of that in the future!

So the list goes on, I really do hope you’ll carry on with my journey through writing! Have a happy and cheerful 2014 ahead! 

Vivajosephine moves to WordPress!I smoke and I kickass! NAH. That’s liquid nitrogen (from The Iscreamist. QC)


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