Macarons, tea and coffee kind of night at Mrs. Grahams

There are days where I feel really fancy and dainty. My hormones would act up on their own and will cause a triggering factor on my brain that will stimulate my internal feminism. Of course fool, I am a woman. And as a woman, I am capable of world destruction…or world peace.

Nah. I am here to share with you our latest food discovery. The one that tickles our fancy. It feels so good to be here that by just being inside makes you devour all the fanciful little trinkets of foods displayed.


Mrs. Grahams is located at Scout Rallos, Quezon City. Adjacent to it is BRGR: The Burger Project, which we have visited earlier. So after a succulent burger meal, why don’t we all cap the eating process with a nice little macaron over at Mrs. Grahams. Perfect! *raises little finger while holding a cup of tea*


When we went there, it wasn’t fully designed with interiors. It is yet on soft opening but soon to be on full operations in the coming days. Nevertheless, we all came for the macarons and heck, it didn’t disappoint.


Coffee, Tea or me? Lol. But I have chose coffee to match it with my macaron. I was feeling  bit sleepy after our burger feast so maybe a caffeine drink will wake up my system. And here’s the thing, they uses TWG tea products in their store so that’s another fancy for you!


Mrs. Grahams started out as online store catering to a lot of macaron fans in the metro. So when the crowd goes crazy clamoring over their macarons, they decided to put up a store to serve a bigger market.


Currently, these are their macaron flavors: Salted caramel, Cookie Dough, White Coffee, Tequila, Bailey’s, Bibingka, Pancake, and my favorite Inside-out S’mores. More or less, when the store becomes fully operational, I will update my site and write every macarons in here.


Did I say the owner is so creative that they made macarons out of Star War’s character, Yoda? It’s so awesome and too cool! Get the geek inside out of you! *May the s’mores be with you!*



I’ll try my best to be back here when it becomes fully operational since it’s a long drive away from my home. Mrs. Graham’s macarons are exceptional that I would like to eat it over and over again! Plus, the owners are so nice to us! So, fancy a cup of tea and macarons with me?

Mrs. Grahams

Pinaglabanan Street, 1500 San Juan, Philippines



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