I found the perfect bread haven at Harina Artisan Bakery And Cafe!

19HarinaHarina Artisan Bakery Cafe

Let me share you a story. One time, I got lost in the streets of White Plains in Quezon City. For some particular reasons I can’t disclose yet, I kept wandering here and enjoyed the cool summer breeze I’m experiencing that time until I came about in these charming little place called Monsee’s. While facing the homey-styled shop, I told myself that I have to stop staring and go inside – once I did, a sweet appetizing aroma of fresh bread lured me more in. Rows of muffins, breads, cupcakes and a lot more have melted my heart in am instant. I asked the nice waitress to give me a brewed coffee and a chocolate muffin and shortly, I was in bread heaven. I remember telling myself then that someday I’ll be lost in White Plains again and I’ll enjoy another cup of coffee and muffin in Monsee’s – until I got invited by them. A well-known haven for bread connoisseurs has just acquired a new name and this time, Monsee’s is the new Harina Artisan Bakery and Cafe!

Monsee’s has been in White Plains since November 2010 providing excellent service in creating and serving baked products. But then the owners wanted Monsee’s to focus on their institutional business, so they wanted to create a separate retail partner that can cater to their customers serving their top of the line baked goods, and so Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe was born.


It has a homey and cozy ambiance that customers would enjoy. Those who dine alone or with friends or family would be greeted with a relaxing atmosphere where you could enjoy freshly baked bread and assorted dishes in their deliciously prepared menu.


Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe’s menu contains an all-day breakfast fare which has a wide variety of bread products including Breadsticks and Spanish Bread which Monsee’s was widely known for.

1HarinaTheir house blended tea is a winner! I love the entire package!

They also serve sandwiches that are sure-fire winners as well in my tummy!

17HarinaAdobo Pulled Pork|Php265 – Pulled pork adobo with fried kesong puti, lettuce and tomato on baguette

16HarinaChicken Caesar Sandwich|Php220 – Grilled Cajun chicken and lettuce in Caesar dressing topped with poached egg, bacon and parmesan cheese on baguette.

9HarinaWaldorf Salad Sandwich|Php220 – flaky pastry with filling of chicken, red and green apples, celery and chopped walnuts in mayonnaise.

18HarinaStrawberry Cheesecake-stuffed French Toast|Php290 – cheesecake filled brioche topped with whipped cream and strawberry preserves.


6HarinaMy personal favorite, Harina’s Bloomin’ Bread|Php320 – a crusty pull-apart Italian loaf filled with basil puree and an assortment of melted cheese. Served with a dip of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Good for sharing!

Harina’s main focus and core product is of course, bread. But they also offer different dishes for diners to enjoy when dining in or taking it with them on the go.

There are pasta dishes to die for!
13HarinaArabiatta|Php200 – Spaghetti in spicy red tomato sauce, roasted garlic and red chili peppers

10HarinaCreamy Bacon and Asparagus|Php250 – Fettucine in a creamy sauce with bacon and asparagus, topped with poached egg

Entirely, Harina is all about bread haven. One will get lost in these delightful and inviting place!





They also have a ‘decorate your own treat’ where kids and kids at heart will have a blast!


Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe delivers all the good things from Monsee’s and adding its own brand creating a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy food prepared and envisioned by well-trained and award-winning chefs making your dining experience unique and unforgettable every visit.

Harina Artisan Bakery And Cafe

118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City

(02) 352-6721


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