An Exciting Subic Trip with Great Friends and The Aristocrat Restaurant!

It’s been awhile since I last wrote 😐

My work has become so demanding  that the only free time I’m allowed to relax is during Sundays, which is sad. I would like to take this chance to thank the lords of the holidays for giving us regular workers of the world a chance to take a break, and because we deserve all of that! Last Labor Day, together with friends from When In Manila, we embarked on a one-day adventure at Subic, Pampanga!


It was a great sunny Labor day morning filled with high hopes and excitement. We all met at The Aristocrat Restaurant at Jupiter Street, Makati City. I was so happy to see them again, it’s like a familiar feeling all over again! And that, my friend, is my cue to stop the mushy talk because it’s getting  jologs, anyway. Our friends from The Aristocrat Restaurant will be providing our meals for the entire day, so that makes an even more exciting trip!



With great friends and great foods comes a great getaway experience!

Magaul Bird Park inside Jest Camp

It would take approximately 3 hours going to Subic from Manila by car. Not complaining here! The ride was smooth and relaxing it made the group sleep most of the travel time. Our first destination is the Jest Camp, short for Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp. I expected a lot of hard day full of grueling activities matched with dirt and grime, but Jest Camp is a fun and exciting place one must experience!


At Magaul Bird Park, there are a lot of rare bird species to be found here. Okay, I am no bird expert here because really, I don’t appreciate bird watching (pun intended). But the birds here are fun and wonderful to watch as they play tricks and some are even walking freely around the area, you could even hold and carry them!

After our tour with the birds, Magaul Bird Park hosts a spectacular bird show! Guests will have a chance to interact with the birds while they are being introduced, advocating knowledge as well about that specific specie of the bird. They even have endangered birds and they are promoting awareness on how we can help to preserve their habitat.

63SubicAdventureMe with a cute, little owl! I’m so happy to have a little Hedwig on my arms!

collage3Mae and a young boy each holding a bird perched on their arms spells awesome!

Jest Camp

Among the high trees surrounded Jest Camp nestled an Aerial Adventure, an obstacle course suspended 20-feet above the ground walking on tightropes and wooden planks and yeah, go panic. I’m up for this challenge so I put my game face on and survived the 6 obstacle course, with a short zipline in the end. As you walk further among those obstacles, it gets a little more tougher. By the time you reach the finish line, you’ll find yourself exhausted. Nonetheless, what an adventure would be without a little muscle exertion!

7SubicAdventure 10SubicAdventure

I never imagined being lost in the woods all by myself. I can’t even picture me braving the woods in search for shelter or food mainly because I’m a scaredy-cat I might be eaten by a lion. I don’t know how long will I last standing in the middle of the jungle with no one to help me 😦

Great News! At Jest Camp, they will teach you the basics! Instructed by a pro himself and a member of the Philippine Army, gave us tips on how to survive the jungle using resources you could find there. Cutting out kitchen utensils using  a big bamboo, locating tree barks for a good source of potable water to spotting good raw leaves to eat in the woods are some of the things we learned. It may look difficult but gaining knowledge than no knowledge at all is way better.



We were even crazy enough to try their Giant Goliath Swing – basically a swing setup which would take you 30-ft off the ground! Once parallel to the ground, they will release you making you swinging so high you’ll be overlooking the cliffside! I can’t believe I went crazy daring myself on that! It’s such a heap of fun one could conquer their fears!



It was so much fun experiencing all of these at Jest Camp that I didn’t realize my hunger. It’s a great thing there’s a nearby Subic Aristocrat Restaurant where we could settle and relax after all of the things we did that day. Aristocrat Restaurant has been a childhood favorite of mine, their flavors has become a familiar taste I could always relive. My all-time favorite would be their Classic Chicken Barbecue, a winner on my taste buds as ever for its rich flavor and aroma. I still yearn for that Honey Fried Chicken we had, worth remembering for its juiciness and taste. Also tops my favorite list would be their rich Kare-Kare and the super Crispy Pata. Aaah take me back to Aristocrat, shall we? 🙂

5 collage


In just a day, we had an awesome getaway experience! Every journey is worth remembering and always for the books if we have great friends and great food altogether! A million thanks for Jest Camp Subic for having us and for the wonderful and great staff of The Aristocrat Restaurant for proving to everyone that your meals are definitely delicious throughout the decades!

JEST Camp Subic 
Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222 Subic, Zambales
(047) 252 1489
Subic Aristocrat Restaurant
Block 2 Lot 2 Maharlika Grounds, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
(047) 252-3910

*some photos from Badeth Compuesto 


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